How to Use "Time Table" pebble watchapp

TimeTable demonstration

1.Install "Time Table" watchapp

Install "Time Table" watchapp from Pebble Appstore.

2.Create new account

(1)Click "Create new account" link.

(2)Enter username and E-mail, and click "create new account" button.

(3)Confirm emal and click one time password link.


(1)Click "Log in" button.

(2)Enter password, and click "Save" button.

4.Add timetable data

(1)Click "Add Time Table" Link.

(2)Input timetable data, and click "Save" button.

5.Login in site using pebble application.

(1)Touch "SETTINGS".

(2)Input Username, Password, and touch "Login" button.

6.Start TimeTable watchapp

Start Pebble "Time Table" watchapp.
If "SERVER CONNECTION ERROR" occured, start again.
Have fun!